Apr. 7, 2016

Love in Action Team offers an Introduction to AIDS Awareness Training

According to the statistics that were released by the National Centre for AIDS/STD

Control and Prevention, China CDC on 30th November 2015, the number of people who

are living with HIV/AIDS is 0.06% of the whole population, which means there are 6 people

who are infected by HIV in every 10,000 people. As of the end of October 2015 the total

registered number of people who are living with HIV/AIDS is 577,000, of which 177,000

people have died.


Please come to our AIDS Awareness training and get to know the knowledge of

HIV/AIDS, how to care for people living with HIV/AIDS and work together with us to fight

against stigma and discrimination towards people with HIV/AIDS!

Our AIDS Awareness training is a three hour long training which constitutes of five

modules-HIV/AIDS Knowledge Assessment, Risk Assessment, Transmission Assessment,

HIV Transmission and QQR, Immune System and HIV-Complex Role Play. The training is

an interactive training which makes it a lot easier for people even with no medical

background to understand the difficult and professional terms and knowledge. Trainees

can easily understand and remember the knowledge of HIV/AIDS through participating in

games and interactive activities. In the past 10+ years we have received innumerable

positive feedbacks from people after the trainings. What’s more important is that after the

training our trainees can easily use and apply what they have learnt in their daily life

correctly and effectively. As a result the training has helped reduce fear, stigma and

discrimination that people have towards HIV/AIDS and people living with HIV/AIDS and

this has made our society filled with more love and care. This is the goal that we have

been trying to achieve.


Watch one less movie, learn a bit more knowledge.

The fight against stigma starts from me.  ❤

If interested in attending the training,                                                                                    please contact Love in Action Team at 138-3710-0121 or info@you-hua.org