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Many who are in Zhengzhou are either students or working as teachers. We want to help connect people who are looking for positions or know of places looking for teachers or other kinds of employees. Please use this page to let others know about yourself or about employment opportunities.

Aug. 24, 2018

David Li, Book Club manager

The Living Bread Book Club is looking for English Speaking Volunteers. If you are interested about the club and willing to know more details, please call us. You are welcome to visit our club and learn more about us. Our number is 0371-56051156 or 15617701189

Address is: Room 1017, 10th floor, Caizhimingzzuo Building, Dongfeng Lu No.3, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, Henan.

Chinese address: 郑州市金水区东风路信息学院路交叉口向西100米路北,财智名座

Website Aug. 13, 2018


Training center in Zhengzhou is recruiting foreign teacher:

Job Description:

1. Type: Full-time

2. Working hours: 6 working days per week; 25 hours per week (including teaching, teaching research meeting, teaching activities...)+5H office hour.

3. Working places: the center of Zhengzhou

4. Age of students: 3-6 years old

5. Day-off: One day (excluding weekend).

Job Requirements: (Necessary)

1. Bachelor degree or above.

2. Major: English Language Teaching preferred, education, arts, music...

3. One year or above teaching experience required. (childhood teaching experience is preferred) (Reference Letter is required.)

4. Certificate of Non-criminal Record in home country.

5. Be patient and enthusiastic for teaching with high level of responsibility.

7. To cooperate with other teachers to finish English training course as schedule.

8. Be in good health condition.


1. Monthly Salary:10,000 to 15,000 RMB (Depending upon the experience and educational background)+bonus.

2. Free furnished apartment or housing allowance is provided.

3. Work Visa (Z) is provided.

4. Free physical examination is provided every year.

5. Round-trip flight tickets.

6. Teaching training is provided.

7. Paid Chinese Official Holidays+around 2 weeks in summer.

Mar. 9, 2018

Mr. Wang

A native speaking foreign teacher is wanted in a kindergarten in Zhengzhou. Time: 9:30 to 11:00 am on Tuesdays. You can chose two Tuesdays in one month to come here, it depends on you. Place: in the north part of Zhengzhou, at the crossing of Fengqing
Rd. and Guoji Rd. Duty: teach simple knowledge to kids and play with them. Salary: 400 RMB per session. Contact: Mr. Wang at 137-3382-7848 or 13733827848@163.com

Nov. 15, 2017

Mrs. Jiang

School: Muzi Lianda Foreign Language Primary School

Position: Foreign Vice Principal of teaching ( Foreign nationality)

Age: Below 60 years old

Job requirements:

Bachelor degree or above, with education related professional knowledge;

Well familiar with the concept of international education and international curriculum integration, the core values of the school and student training objectives, with the vision of international education;

With modern, up-to-date vision on child education, advanced educational philosophy and certain teaching and research ability;

Teaching experience in foreign primary and secondary schools or International primary schools in China;

With high sense of responsibility and dedication, strong interpersonal communication ability and resource-integrating ability, able to plan and carry out well-prepared initiatives, overall planning organization and coordination ability, a team-worker and team-leader.

Duty of work:

In charge of international education and teaching in schools;

Of training and managing the foreign teachers.

Salary: Contact for details

1、Annual salary : 250,000 RMB.

2、Working hours: From Monday to Friday 8:00a.m. -- 12:00a.m. 2:30p.m.--5:50p.m. (During the working hours, you have to complete 10 lectures every week).

3、Provide the house . Or allowance of 1500RMB every month.

4、During the working days , providing the breakfast, lunch, dinner for free.(No dinners on Fridays.

Nov. 11, 2017


Gift, an English Center in Zhengzhou, is looking for some foreign teachers for kids 3-12. Perhaps you are interested? Please contact Mark at 137-3317-3353

Aug. 22, 2017


Would you like to do a part time job as a private family English teacher for three kids who are 10 years old and have learnt English for 3 years? They have very good English basic

Frequency:once a week

time :every Saturday afternoon

location:Xinyuan Road and Zhong Road

North of Zhengzhou

Price :80RMB per kid,there are 3 kids

The phone number is 13700887749, Mia.

Jul. 3, 2017

Jing Ries

Full Time English Teaching at DuYun Yu Hua Hu International Preschool (http://dyyhh.21gm.com.cn/)

We are currently looking for an English Teaching Specialist to enhance our bilingual teaching model by providing quality English learning experiences to students, training opportunities to local teachers, and feedback to the administrative team.

Must relocate to DuYun city in Guizhou province (We will sponsor and cover the cost of the work-visa application) • Must be a native English speaker

Benefits: • Free furnished and private apartment near by school for you and your family

• A free pair roundtrip flight tickets for one-contract year.

• Free lunch on work days.

• Medical, life, and emergency insurances included

• Monthly Salary ranging 1300 dollars to 1700 dollars pending education and experience.

Feel free to email and call for questions Jing.Yu1430@gmail.com

Please feel free to call 18798298842

Feel free to post this opportunity elsewhere. Thank you for spreading the word

Website Jul. 3, 2017

Jing Yu Ries

Full-Time English Teaching at DuYun Yu Hua Hu International Preschool in DuYun City, Guizhou Province.

We are currently looking for an English Teaching Specialist to enhance our bilingual teaching model by providing quality English learning experiences to students, training opportunities to local teachers, and feedback to the administrative team.


• Must relocate to DuYun city in Guizhou province (We will sponsor and cover the cost of the work-visa application)

• Must sign a one-year teaching contract

• Must be a native English speaker

• Preferred individuals with bachelor degree from an accredited University. However, individuals with related experience and/or an associate degree are welcome to apply

• Preferred an ESL (English as Second Language) teacher or an experienced pre-school teacher (both current and retired), but welcome any self-motivated individuals who have a genuine interest in teaching and learning

Feel free to contact me for questions.

Feel free to post this opportunity elsewhere. Thank you for spreading the word

Jun. 16, 2017


3oo RMB an hour!


A new English training school in Zhengzhou is looking for a teacher for a conversational class offered for 2 hours on Saturdays and 2 hours on Sundays.  If you are not available both days, teaching one day a week is fine.  

The class is from 3:10-5:10 PM on Saturdays and Sundays, July 8 - August 6.  300 RMB per hour (600 RMB a day), with payment settled each day.  

Students are ages 13 and up, possibly including some university students.  

The class time is built around conversation practice which you design.

The classroom is equipped with a multimedia system.

The director requires that you submit a resume. 

Address: 10th Floor, Industrial Mansion, Huayuan Road, Jinshui District, (Subway Line 3 North 3rd Ring Station Exit B)

Chinese Address: 郑州市 金水区 花园路 工信信息大厦 10 楼 1004 (地铁2号线 北三环站 B口)

Please contact Greg Fennell by phone or email if you are interested, and I'll get you in touch with the director.

Cell: 13592654004 

Email: gtfennell@hotmail.com

Jun. 4, 2017

Mona Curtis

Cambridge English School in Zhengzhou is looking for a native English speaking teacher for their preschool and primary school students.

Fridays and Saturdays from July 7 till August 5. 400¥/day

Jan. 14, 2017

Tian Suifeng

Henan Agriculture University Middle School is looking to hire Foreign Oral English teachers to teach middle school students. The school is located in the Jin Shui District off of Wen Hua Lu. This can also be a part time opportunity to supplement your income.
For details and more information, please contact the school's principal, Ms. Tian Suifeng at 13937121966 or tiansuifeng@163.com.

Nov. 2, 2016


Academics in Asia is the main recruiter for Sias International University in Xinzheng (45 minutes from Zhengzhou.) It takes applications year-round, but its main hiring season is January – May for the following school year. Although its primarily focus
Sias, it also recruits for other schools all across China. The schools are thoroughly researched to ensure teacher safety and schools honoring their contracts. Positions are available for English and ESL/EFL, however, there is a wide variety of positions available
including teaching basketball and western cooking. It is the best one-stop clearinghouse for teaching in China. Tell them Mona sent you and I’ll get a referral bonus.


Nov. 1, 2016


Full-time Foreign English Teachers in CBD public schools ASAP !!!Native speakers preferred. The salary is negotiable with various reimbursement, free accommodation and weekends off( The timetable is same to public school) For more details please contact
me ASAP. Thx

Oct. 12, 2016

JJ Joyce Baylosis-Payne

Living Bread Bookclub is a culture club designed for university students. We're looking for foreigners who can volunteer to host an English corner once a week or host an informal talk about western culture, or other English related topics and activities.

This is voluntary but also an outreach opportunity. Preferable time is on the evenings (after school hours) any day of the week

It's located in dong feng Lu, Xinxixueyuan lu, Smart Fortune building, 10th floor, room 1017.

Chinese address: 郑州市金水区东风路信息学院路交叉口向西100米路北,财智名座

Contact person: JJ Joyce Baylosis, phone: 15515585417,

email: jj_joyce07@yahoo.com

Aug. 22, 2016


Part time job: English teachers of kindergarten and Elementary schools needed. Working time : mornings and afternoons ,weekends. Contact number:18503802007, Email ruthhlan@163.com

May. 30, 2016


Zhengzhou United University of Foreign Language (referred to here after as UUFL) was founded on 18th May 2000. It belongs to Zhengzhou Union UUFL Education Group. UUFL has 17 branches, more than 400 staff and more than 10,000 students in Zhengzhou at present.
Job Requirements:

1) Native Speakers from U.S.A., U.K., Australia, Canada, New Zealand; Under 50 years old.

2) More than 2 years teaching experience (kids or adults class) or TESOL certificate; Having experience of teaching IELTS, TOEFL or SAT are given priority.

3) Bachelor degree or above in education.

4) Patient and enthusiastic for teaching with high sense of responsibility.

5) To cooperate with other teachers to finish English training course as schedule.

6) To follow up students' progress, coach students in accordance to their needs.Benefits:

Monthly Salary: ¥8,000 to 15,000 (Depending upon the experience and educational background)

Round way flight tickets or equal cash will be awarded upon the completion of 1 year work contract.

Travel Allowance will be provided.

Free furnished apartment will be provided.

Festival gifts will be provided.

Work Visa (Z) will be provided.

Paid government holidays.Interested candidates are requested to send the following details at this email: flowery_wxl@hotmail.com

1.   Complete CV.

2.   Recent Photograph.

Experience or Educational Certificates.

May. 28, 2016

Melody Fan

木子国际幼儿园Muzi International kindergarten 木子国际小学 Muzi International Primary school

Native English Speakers Required for English Teaching 

 Job Requirements:

1) Native Speakers from U.S.A., U.K., Australia, Canada, New Zealand.

2) More than 2 years teaching experience or TESOL certificate.

3) Bachelor degree or above in education. 

4)The United University Foreign Language School provides "TESOL teacher qualification training".

5) Patient and enthusiastic for teaching with high sense of responsibility.

6)  Teaching subjects for kindergarten and elementary school children.

7)Senior football skills , sports, music, or art preferred.

Contact:For the kindergarten is Miss Shen.55170000 For the school is Miss Fan. 60261111

Location: 郑州市金水区福元路与建业路西北角

May. 19, 2016


Elena from (American Best International Education) ABIE is looking for full-time job American Foreign teachers. ABIE can offer a work visa with good conditions. Contact: Elena at zzab_elena@163.com or WeChat number 657237967 Phone: 185399799668 ABIE 8th
floor block B, Henan Cooperation Building, Zhengqi Street and Weiwu Road crossing, Zhengzhou Henan

Apr. 12, 2016

Marc van Rossem

Zhengzhou university is presently looking for solid English instructors: they recruit the year round. Please contact 何梦伊 Andrea via 326749794@qq.com . They offer good housing, high quality students, and 8,000 RMB starting salary (with January double pay
of 16,000 RMB)

Mar. 31, 2016


The Zhengzhou Tourism College is looking to hire teachers for English and Korean language programs at the school for the 2016-2017 academic year.

The contact person for the school is Dean Grace Zhang Heling. She may be contacted by 135-9260-2672 or graceheling@163.com