Jun. 4, 2017

Graduation Celebration

Hi everyone!

Summer is coming, and so is the end of this semester! The ZZIF Community is excited to honor 21 graduating medical students on Sunday afternoon , June 11 . These hardworking students have been part of the ZZIF Community for the last 6 years or so . These students have come from as far as Africa and India and they have devoted themselves to completing their medical studies at Zhengzhou University . We want to honor their hard work and send them off with an anointed blessing to wherever the Lord takes them next .

The celebration will begin at 4pm and finish at 6:30pm . We will have worship music , a message from Dr. Jin to these the graduates, a homily shared by one of the ZZIF servant leaders and 'the laying on of hands ', affirming the medical graduates .

After the formal event we will then go to the top floor of the hotel for a delicious buffet dinner . ZZIF will treat the graduates to dinner, but the rest of us will purchase our own meal ... We think you will love it . Many of us have done this buffet before and it's spectacular .

If you can't stay for dinner that's very OK, but please join us at this ceremony honoring these dear Brothers and Sisters at this special time.

Please see below for the location of this event.

" All aboard ! "

ZZIF servant leaders

Guangdong Hotel, Zheng Zhou
Address: 5 Dehua Street, Erqi District
Tel: 0371-60308888
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