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Mar. 11, 2019


Whether you're new to China or Zhengzhou or you're looking to connect with fellow foreigners. Please contact us at ZZIF if we can help you.

Website Oct. 7, 2016

Ed and Rebekah

I created a FB group called Henan Teachers Association (HeNTA) to help connect teachers in Henan. Take a minute to check out the page. I want to reach out and get to know others who are here teaching. Some teachers are struggling and others thriving. I
hope we can encourage and help one another to be better teachers and better people! <3 :-) <3 :-) Please feel free to invite others who might be interested in the group. Thank you!

Oct. 5, 2016

Ed and Rebekah Smith

We want to ask each of you to help us make contact with the expatriate population in Zhengzhou and Henan about ZZIF. We are specifically for foreign passport holders. Please invite new people to our meetings. The Zoo Coffee meetings are relaxed and friendly.
Help us to get the word out to people. The foreigners in our region of China are scattered throughout the area and it is difficult to make contact with them. Please help us. An easy way is to tell people about ZZIF and give them the website to
check it out for themselves. They can then make the decision if they are interested in attending. No pressure, just information. Hope to see you there sometime and especially new friends and faces. Thank you! ❤️🙏☝️️😇😎

Apr. 24, 2016

Cecilia M. Raab

Hi! I just wanted to thank the Bell family for coming to ZZIF and sharing the story of Dr. Nelson Bell with us. I was blessed! PTL!